Leather and Leather Care

Our Leather Products  

All our products are made with leather and/or hair-on cowhide. Since these materials are natural, each product will have slight variations in color and texture. It may include brands, scratches or bumps, things that showcase the life of the animal.  We believe these features bring character to our products and make each one unique and true one of a kind. We hope you love them as much as we do. 

We handmake all our leather products, there will always be some imperfections; it is, after all, human nature. 

Leather Care

All the leather we use has a protectant seal or finish, but this will not prevent damage from harsh conditions. Leather can dry out, stretch, warp and crack without proper care. It is sensitive to elements such as water, oil, heat, light, humidity and/or an environment that is too dry. Prolonged exposure to intense light and heat (such as direct sunlight through a window, on a radiator, or inside a hot car etc.) may cause discoloration or cracking. Water may cause leather to warp, stretch, change colors or stain. Please do not use your leather items while bathing, swimming or in heavy rain.

If your item comes into contact with water, wipe it immediately with a soft, lint-free cloth to prevent the formation of stains and blisters.

As for the hair on cowhide, over time, it will shed. To minimize hair loss, limit friction on any hair surface (or scratch any tooled or embossed leather). We do not recommend adding a fixative on the hide to prevent shedding. This will likely ruin the cowhide.  

Some materials can leave permanent marks on leather: ink, oily products, perfume and alcohol-based products. In addition, repeated contact with dark textiles (such as dark denim) can result in staining especially on lighter colored leather.

When not in use, we recommend storing your items in a temperate, dry environment away from light and preferably in a dust cover. Over time, you may need to clean, condition or reseal the leader to increase longevity.

We are not responsible for normal wear and tear or for item wear due to misuse. This includes overpacking, constant rubbing, getting the item wet, or using the item for anything other than its intended purpose. 

Hopefully you will love your leather items but if for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will work with you to resolve any issues.