Meet Us

Xroads Creations is a 2 woman team that starts after the normal workday ends on nights, weekends and holidays. All of our leather goods are one of a kind, designed in Philadelphia, PA. Since everything is handmade, there are always slight unique imperfections, since it is after all, human nature. However, no items will have major flaws.

Sharon’s leather story started at the end of 2018 when Michelle surprised her with a Leather 101 class gift. Of course she had to come up with her own project design rediscovering her creative side and falling in love with leatherwork. By taking more classes and watching a lot of videos, she improved her skills. Sharon’s leather story was put on hold for a day job but then picked up again during the COVID lockdown. Since then, leather, tools and supplies have been spread all over her house.

Michelle’s leather story started with Sharon’s leather invading every room in the house. In an effort to keep Sharon organized, she took on the daunting task of creating an in-home leather workshop. Since then she has also become a leather apprentice and workshop expander

Finally, in 2022, Xroads Creation was born.